Our Company is 100 percent private company that is located in Bonab. This company registered at Bonab Companies Registry under number 611, as a processor and an exporter company of dried fruits. This company has been funded in 2004, under management of Mr.Haji Mostafa Haddadi Bonab.
We are proud to have loyal customers in the most part of the world. With increase in the amount of production we have special attention to improve our product's quality.
Having office outside of Iran (Izmir-Turkey), enable us to provide for our customers, other countries nuts too.

Mojtaba Bonab Raisins with Brand 655
All our raisins pass through Metal Detectors & Laser Machines, and we use GMO free and natural vegetable oil. The packing is 5-ply corrugated cardboard boxes lined with polyethylene (5kg-10kg-12.5kg).
The plant is also equipped with a laboratory which allows making the physical and microbiological analyses. The plant also has metal detecting equipments.
We supply three different classes of raisins:
-Normal cleaned
-Laser cleaned
-Special Cleaned (Double washed and Laser Cleaned)

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